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          Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School was founded in July 1983, originally named Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School. In 1986, it moved from Buchang Street to No. 65 Longhai West Road, Zhengzhou, and was renamed Zhengzhou Foreign Language Middle School. The school has 36 teaching classes with over 2,200 students. The whole school  covers 46,675 square meters. The main campus buildings include an office building, a music hall, a laboratory building, a teaching building, a comprehensive building, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool. It is a modern and high-quality junior high school with scientific plans, advanced facilities, elegant environment, lively atmosphere, and rich cultural characteristics.

          In the 40 years since its foundation, with the care and support of the provincial, municipal, and district governments and the education administrative departments at all levels, and under the leadership of the successive leadership teams, the school has made significant progress in all aspects through the hard work of all faculty and staff, taking the lead in both well-rounded education and academic results. Currently, the school has developed into an educational group with three main campuses (Longhai Road campus, Lianhu campus, and Xiliuhu campus) and five member schools (No. 16 Middle School, No. 52 Middle School, No. 66 Middle School, No. 69 Middle School, and Zhengzhou Foreign Language Primary School), playing a leading role in the society and winning high praise from all walks of life.

          1 Educational Philosophy

          In the process of running the school, the school adheres to the educational philosophy of "focusing on lifelong development and laying the foundation for a happy life" and the educational strategy of "promoting school development through teacher development". It not only focuses on imparting knowledge, but also pays attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive qualities such as mindset, habits, methods, morals, enterprising spirit, innovative consciousness, and practical ability, striving to cultivate all-round international  talents who have wisdom, good qualities, international vision,  devotion to hometown and a deep understanding of Chinese and Western cultures. In recent years, the school has set the goal of running a famous school, forging famous teachers, and nurturing famous students, striving to develop the school into a scholarly campus, spiritual home, and happy paradise with internationalization, high quality, and distinctive features for all teachers and students.

          2 Teaching Staff

          The school places emphasis on "experienced teachers" and "exemplary teachers", implements the "36915" training project, and promotes the hierarchical growth of teachers through a series of evaluation activities such as "Top Ten Young Teachers", "Top Ten Head Teachers", "Model Teachers", and "Meritorious Teachers". Currently, there are 11 national and provincial academic and technical leaders, 78 backbone teachers at the provincial and municipal levels, 6 provincial famous teachers, and 10 municipal famous teachers among the faculty. There are also three city-level excellent head teacher studios, one city-level outstanding teacher studio (mathematics), and two city-level famous teacher studios (Chinese and history). The school regards "promoting school development through teacher development" as its development strategy and elevates teacher development to a strategic level that is crucial to its sustainable development in the future. With the overall goal of developing  teachers to have ideal and faith, virtue and morality, a solid base of knowledge as well as a kind heart, the school strives to build a teacher team that is learning-oriented, dedicated, professional, and happy.

          3 Foreign Language Characteristics

          The school has a distinctive foreign language characteristic and currently offers multiple language learning such as German and French. It has introduced original foreign textbooks and implemented diversified foreign language teaching materials to meet the needs of students at different levels. The school implements small class teaching for foreign languages to achieve individualized teaching as much as possible. It has also implemented an internationalized evaluation system to fully stimulate students' enthusiasm for foreign language learning and promote characteristic development. The school has carried out various interdisciplinary and practical activities. Up to now, it has successfully held the 17th Foreign Language Culture and Art Festival, which includes a series of activities such as exotic exhibitions, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, foreign language textbook drama performances, foreign songs, foreign film dialogue imitations, and demonstrations of excellent foreign language classes. It also actively organizes students to participate in activities of Model United Nations, and foreign language speech competitions at provincial and municipal levels, creating a rich foreign language cultural and artistic atmosphere to fully meet students' personalized learning needs and stimulate their interest and enthusiasm in language learning and comprehensive practice. The school has developed its own foreign language-based curriculum such as phonetic teaching, graded reading and topic writing, which have been systematically planned from textbook compilation, class implementation, feedback evaluation, and homework design, promoting students' overall foreign language abilities effectively.

          4 Student Development

          To promote comprehensive education, the school insists on all-round education (moral education, intellectual education, physical education, aesthetic education, and labor education) and vigorously promotes the curriculum-based moral education activities. It has developed ten major moral education theme courses, including series of theme class meetings, monthly theme activities, mental health education courses, major commemorative days and festival education series courses, campus culture activity series courses, social practice activity series courses, safety education series courses, legal education series courses, and cultivation education series courses. At the same time, it builds a multi-dimensional education platform through activities and has established 37 student clubs. It promotes students' comprehensive development by organizing large-scale student activities such as the Foreign Language Culture and Art Festival, Campus Guinness, Poetry Recitation, Book Report, Foreign Language Talent Show, Student Council, and School Council.

          5 School Achievements

          Since its foundation, the school has made remarkable achievements. Students academic results have been leading for more than 30 years, and over 80 percent of the students have reached the provincial model high school admission line. A large number of outstanding students have entered Tsinghua University, Peking University, and other world-renowned universities. The school has won many honors such as National Demonstration Parent School, National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, Henan Province Civilized Campus, Henan Province Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, Henan Province First All-Round Education Demonstration Schools,Henan Province Compulsory Education Standardization Management Demonstration School, Henan Province Advanced School in Teachers Ethics, Henan Province Scholarly Campus, Henan Province Advanced School in Moral Education, Henan Province Demonstration School in Primary and Secondary School Maker Education, Henan Province Demonstration School in Rule of Law Education, Henan Province Labor Education Characteristic School, Zhengzhou New High-Quality Junior High School, Zhengzhou First All-Round Education Demonstration Schools, and Zhengzhou First Demonstration School in Rule of Law Education. In addition, the school has been rated as a role model for innovative teaching in ordinary primary and secondary schools in Zhengzhou, a role model for innovative moral education in Zhengzhou, a role model for education and research in Zhengzhou, and a role model for social practice activities in primary and secondary schools in Zhengzhou.